[u_heading]Confused by HR Management and Compliance Issues?[/u_heading]

Free yourself from HR burdens and focus on the clinical operations of your practice. With Go Pixel’s HR support services, you gain access to big company HR management strategies from professionals with extensive experience in medical practice management. We offer a full menu of services and products that help take your practice to the level of professionalism you strive to achieve.

Vital to any medical practice is compliance with the law and labour relations, which are rapidly changing in South Africa. Ensure you stay up to date and compliant. We can assist with:

[u_heading]Employment contracts:[/u_heading]

• drafting employment agreements
• reviewing of employment contracts to check compliance with requirements in terms of legislation
• advising on disputes concerning the terms of an employment contract

[u_heading]Employment law policies:[/u_heading]

• drafting specimen employment law policies e.g. health and safety in the workplace, addressing poor work performance, discipline and procedure for dismissals, employment equity, grievance, leave, overtime, performance reviews, employee privacy, misconduct, substance abuse, handling absenteeism, and training and skills development
• General compliance: drafting summaries of labour legislation applicable to a particular entity

[u_heading]Opinions on employment law matters:[/u_heading]

• client-specific opinions tailored to particular circumstances on any labour law issue

[u_heading]Dispute resolution assistance:[/u_heading]

• explanation of legislation (procedures, requirements, consequences) to employees to assist in avoiding a dispute or to assist in resolving a dispute
• guidance on dispute resolution procedures and requirements in terms of legislation

[u_heading]Compliance Registrations of Employees, including:[/u_heading]

• Registration with SARS for Employee PAYE, UIF & SDL
• Register with the Department of Labour for COIDA, including
• Compensation Fund / COIDA registration,
• Business name change with Compensation Fund,
• Application to pay outstanding amount with Compensation Fund in instalments;
• Filing of Return of earnings on your behalf.

Or you can do it all yourself with the help of our Go Pixel’s Practice Management Reference Guide