Menu 1_Patient Education Opportunities

  • Form FO100_Patient Education Opportunity Grid
  • Form FO101_Practice Payment Policy
  • Form FO102_Privacy Policy Patient Handout in Practice
  • Form FO103_Understanding Your Medical Scheme Policy and Payme
  • Form FO104_Code of Conduct & Minimum Service Levels Medical Scheme Brokers
  • Form FO105_Application Form to Lodge a Claim against a Medical Scheme Broker
  • Form FO106_Medical Scheme Complaints Procedure
  • Form FO107_Medical Scheme Complaints Form
  • Form FO108_ICD 10 Coding All a Patient Need to Know
  • Form FO109_The Consumer’s Guide on PMB
  • Form FO110_Rights and Duties as a Member of a Medical Scheme

Menu 2 Protection of Personal Information and Promotion of Access to Information Acts

  • FormFO102_Practice Privacy Policy – Patient Handout
  • FormFO111_Section 51 Manual in terms of the POPI and PAIA Act
  • FormFO113_Confidentiality_FAQ
  • Security Awareness Campaign for the Healthcare Practice

Menu 3 Children

  • Form F0112_Legal Guide to Children Age Threshold
  • Form F0157_ Childrens Act Guide for the Healthcare Practitioner

Menu 4 Record Administration

  • Form FO114_Record Retention Periods for the Healthcare Practice
  • Form FO151_HPCSA Booklet: Keeping of Patient Records

Menu 5 Patient Registration

  • FormFO115_New Patient Information Sheet Telephonic
  • FormFO116_Nuwe Pasiënt Inligtingsblad_Telefonies
  • FormFO117_Application to Open an Account
  • FormFO118_Aansoek om Rekening te Open
  • FormFO119_Patient Financial Policy
  • FormFO120_Pasiënt Finansiële Beleid
  • FormFO121_T&C Pertaining to Payment_Option 1
  • FormFO122_B&V van Toepassing op Betaling (Opsie 1)
  • FormFO123_Contract Pertaining to Payment (Option 2)
  • FormFO124_Terme en Voorwaardes van Toepassing op Betaling (Opsie 2)
  • FormFO125_Patient Personal Health Information Disclosure Form_Medical Schemes
  • FormFO126_Bekendmaking van Persoonlike Gesondheidsinligting aan Mediese Fondse
  • FormFO127_Authorisation for Release of Private Health Information
  • FormFO128_Magtiging vir die Bekendmaking van Vertroulike Mediese Inligting

Menu 6 Communications in the Healthcare Practice

  • FormFO131_Consent for Electronic Communications
  • FormFO132_Toestemming vir Elektroniese Kommunikasie
  • FormFO133_Cover Letter for Sending Confidential Fax
  • FormFO134_Dekbrief vir die Versending van ‘n Vertroulike Faksimilee
  • FormFO135_Disclaimer for Sending of EMail Messages
  • FormFO136_Vrywaringsklousule vir Epos Versending

Menu 7 Patient Conduct

  • FormFO129_Code of Conduct for Patients
  • FormFO129a_Zero Tolerance Harassment Policy
  • FormFO130_Gedragskode vir Pasiënte
  • FormFO152_Patients Rights SAMA
  • FormFO153_Doctors Rights SAMA
  • FormFO154_Patients Doctors Rights Responsibilities

Menu 8 Information Security Awareness Posters

  • FormFO155_Social Media
  • FormFO159_Triage in General Practice Setting
  • FormFO160_Backing Up
  • FormFO161_Cybercrime
  • FormFO162_Online_citizen
  • FormFO163_Online_presence
  • FormFO164_Software
  • FormFO165_Common_sense
  • FormFO166_Wifi_hotspot

Menu 9 Staff

  • FormFO137_Access and Confidentiality Agreement
  • FormFO138_Werknemer Toegangs- en Vertroulikheids Ooreenkoms
  • Form FO170_Protection of Personal Information Yearly Pledge

Menu 10 Legislation and Ethical Guidelines applicable on administration

  • FormFO139_Constitution of the RSA
  • FormFO140_National Health Act
  • FormFO141_Electronic Communications and Transactions Act
  • FormFO142_Promotion of Access to Information Act
  • FormFO143_Choice on Termination of Pregnancy Act
  • FormFO144_Medical Schemes Act
  • FormFO145_Childrens Act
  • FormFO146_Consumer Protection Act
  • FormFO147_Health Professions Act
  • FormFO148_National Patient Rights Charter
  • FormFO149_HPCSA_Seeking Patients Informed
  • FormFO150_HPCSA_Withholding of Treatment

Menu 11 Information Security Awareness Lockscreen Reminders

  • Form FO165_How to Change Lockscreen
  • Clear Desk Screen
  • EMail Use Guidelines
  • Internet Guidelines
  • It’s Okay to Say_Colleague
  • Passwords Do Not
  • Phishing
  • Physical Access Security
  • Protect our Data
  • Strong Password

Menu 12 Medical Scheme Chronic Forms

  • FormF0155_Discovery Chronic Form
  • FormF0156_GEMS Chronic Form
  • FormF0157_Fedhealth Chronic Form
  • FormF0158_Bankmed Chronic Medication Form
  • FormF0159_Bestmed Chronic Form
  • FormF0160_Polmed Chronic Form