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  • Practice management is unique, and the profession’s nuances make it unlike any other.
  • That’s why AC’s Learning Centre for Medical Practice Management is so essential to success. It serves as a repository of industry knowledge, a guide to practice management, an assessment of competency and a learning tool.
  • We also strive to be your one stop Body of Knowledge for legal compliance, because next to hands-on patient care, no part of healthcare carries as much importance as protecting a patient’s personal information from a breach of privacy, charging honestly for the care provided, and auditing the compliance of a practice or facility.

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We’ve prepared lots of useful articles to help you understand practice administration legal compliance in the healthcare practice better.

Major Performance Domains for Administrators

Information Security

Information security is achieved by ensuring the confidentiality, the integrity, and the availability of information. For more information on implementing and monitoring information security in your practice click on icon above.


Privacy refers to the right of a living person to determine when, how and to what extent their personal information is shared. It involves maintaining confidentiality and sharing information on a need to know basis.


Effective legally compliant communication is essential for building good patient relationships based on compassion and shared respect. Clear, accurate, and timely communication is essential to maximizing performance and decreasing risk exposure.

Protection of Personal Information Act

The POPI Act in South Africa sets conditions for how you can lawfully process personal information. It is law, the Information Regulator has published the regulations for comment. It is now time to act.

Promotion of Access to Information Act

The act bring into effect the constitutional right of access to any information held by private bodies (this includes sole practitioners) which is required for the exercise or protection of any rights.

Record Management in the Healthcare Practice

The aim of a Records Management Programme is to provide a framework for consistent, coherent records management in the practice which in turn will support a high quality service.

Children - Legal Compliancy

All health professionals are required to perform their duties and responsibilities according to the Children’s Act when working with children. It is therefore essential for health professionals to have thorough knowledge of this law.

Credit Management

The legal framework, within which debt collection and credit control can be done, is set out in various laws and ethical rules by the Health Professions Council of South Africa. This is about knowing what you legally can and cannot do during collection.

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