Lockdown: Guide to registering your practice as an essential service

Lockdown: Guide to registering your practice as an essential service

During the lockdown period, only businesses deemed essential by government will be able to continue trading. Medical, Health (including Mental Health), Laboratory service, as well as Financial services necessary to maintain the banking and payments environment is categorise as essential services during the lockdown (paragraph 11A of Regulation Gazette 43148).

If your practice is registered with the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission’s (CIPC) office, you can apply for the required certification via CIPC’s Bizportal website (bizportal.gov.za/). The application and registration process are “immediate”. It is an automatic electronic process and certification is made available instantly. This is not mandatory but will help you prove that you are an essential service.

If you want to register your practice with CIPC as an essential service and obtain a certificate, go to www.assentcompliance.co.za/ for a step by step guide.

What if my practice is not registered with CIPC?

If you are a sole proprietor, you cannot get a certificate from CIPC. You’ll just have to issue permits to your staff and if asked for your certificate explain that you can’t get one because you are a sole proprietor.

Do my staff need a permit?

All staff MUST:

  1. At all times carry an original permit to perform essential service [regulation 11B (3)], and
  2. MUST at all times carry a photo identification issued by the Department of Home Affairs.

You can download a Permit to perform essential service Form 1 (permit for staff members) template here.

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