What is the POPIA Templates-Healthcare about?


  • We understood your needs, found the answers to your questions, and developed our AC’s POPIA Compliance Framework Documentation Toolkit especially for your organisation. It doesn’t require completion of every document that a large world-wide corporation needs. Instead, it includes only those documents YOUR organisation needs.
  • Choose the template you need. Templates is categorised in one the main domains of POPIA compliance.



Package Special: 4 Core Must-Have POPIA Compliant Legal Document Template Modules

(39 POPIA compliant legal document templates specifically for the healthcare practice)

R 3,650.00 (VAT inclusive)

Module 1: Must-Have POPIA compliant document templates – Human Resource Department

  1. POPIA Section 17 Record of Processing Activities_Recruitment (Mandatory) 
  2. Job Description (Recommended)
  3. Privacy Notification_Recruitment (Mandatory)
  4. Job Advertisement (Recommended)
  5. Letter after receiving CV (Recommended)
  6. Shortlisting candidates – Checklist (Mandatory)
  7. Shortlisting candidates – Criteria and List of Candidates (Recommended)
  8. Shortlisting candidates – Shortlisting scorecard (Recommended)
  9. Interviewing candidates for receptionist position (Recommended)
  10. Reference checking template for hiring new employees (Recommended)
  11. Letter to an unsuccessful job applicant (Recommended)
  12. Interviewing candidates for practice management position (Recommended)
  13. Employment Agreement Practice Administrator / Receptionist (Recommended)
  14. Access and Confidentiality Agreement with Employees (Mandatory)
  15. Checklist – Ending of Employment (Mandatory)
  16. Staff Handbook – POPIA compliance (Mandatory)

Module 2: Must-Have POPIA compliant document templates – Patient Registration

  1. Patient Information Sheet (Mandatory) 
  2. Terms & Conditions pertaining to Payment (Recommended)
  3. Notice of Privacy Practices (Mandatory)
  4. Poster – POPIA Notice of Privacy Practices (Recommended)
  5. Authorisation for Release of Personal Information to Third Parties (Mandatory)
  6. Patient Consent To Use Electronic Communications (Mandatory)
  7. Patient Consent To Medical Treatment (Recommended)
  8. Zero Tolerance Harassment Policy Poster (Mandatory)

Module 3: Must-Have POPIA compliant document templates – Third Party Contractors / Vendors / Operators

  1. List of Approved Vendors_Operators (Mandatory)
  2. Cover Letter Operator POPIA Compliance (Mandatory)
  3. Data Protection Agreement for Operators (Mandatory)
  4. Third Party Risk Assessment Questionnaire (Mandatory)

Module 4: Must-Have POPIA compliant document templates – Information Security Policies

  1. Protection of Personal Information Policy (Privacy Policy) (Mandatory)
  2. Information Quality Policy (Mandatory)
  3. Minimum Access Policy (Mandatory)
  4. Password Management Policy (Mandatory)
  5. Acceptable Use Policy_Computer Equipment (Mandatory)
  6. Social Media Policy (Mandatory)
  7. Clear Desk and Clear Screen Policy (Mandatory)
  8. Shred-it All Policy (Mandatory)
  9. Removable Media Policy (Mandatory)
  10. IT Equipment Disposal Policy (Mandatory)
  11. Cybersecurity Policy (Mandatory)

Must-Have Legal Documents - Patient Registration Process

One of the defining principles of POPIA is ACCOUNTABILITY, this specifically requires you to take responsibility for complying with the principles, and to have appropriate processes and records in place to demonstrate that you comply. Find the mandatory and optional forms, agreements, policies and guidelines to become and demonstrate POPIA compliance. It is now time to act.

Must-Have Legal Document - Third Party Contractors / Operators