• Being accountable is one of the key principles of POPIA. See for example paragraph 4(1)(e) of the Regulations in terms of the POPIA that stipulate –  An information officer must, ensure that internal awareness sessions are conducted regarding the provisions of the Act, regulations made in terms of the Act, codes of conduct, or information obtained from the Regulator.
  • If you can show that your employees have received training in the regulation, and are aware of data privacy and protection, then it counts towards your compliance. Once you have a training programme in place, you need a kind of “log book” to prove the training status of your staff members. When new staff members join the company they need to be able to join the training programme too.


Seminars available

Seminar Training can take the following forms:

Public seminars:

We have extensive experience in developing and facilitating workshops on a wide range of topics relating to regulatory compliance, consumer protection and the protection of personal information. We create tailor-made training matched to your unique needs. We present our seminars in reputable venues with full facilities.

In-house training seminars:

Run In-house training and receive between 20% to 50% discount off our advertised public training seminar prices – dependent on delegate numbers. In-house training offers many benefits:

  • Substantial saving if you have 6 or more delegates
  • Setting the training dates to suit yourselves
  • Focusing the course to your own specific practice’s needs
  • Relevant industry examples and case studies
  • The opportunity to talk about confidential practice matters
  • Raising the knowledge level of your entire team and motivating them as they learn together
  • Interactive discussion between employees on the seminar facilitated by us often solves actual problems

Online training:

We developed an online training programme on Privacy and information Security Awareness, the Protection of Personal Information Act. The programme is designed to train staff in large numbers and to ensure that management is provided with progress reports. This training can be customised and branded just for you. There are also programmes available on the Consumer Protection Act and Social Media in the healthcare workplace. The great thing about this web-based platform is that it can be used for any training.


We create websites to support staff in compliance-related matters. These sites also provide training on how to draft consumer-facing documents such as simple agreements, terms and conditions and marketing materials, and how to effectively manage complaints. We do everything from writing copy and designing the website to coding.

How to book for our training sessions

Reviews from attendees from previous training

We’ve had good reviews from our attendees and hope to add your recommendation to the ones below.

  • “Really interesting and informative. Well worthwhile. Good guidelines going forward.
  • “The presentation was informative and fruitfull. Presenters were organised and they were prepared for their session”
  • “Personally I have learnt a lot especially part2”
  • “Excellent to get the legal aspects included in this presentation. Enjoyed the knowledge of the Adv. “
  • “I have been working with the POPIA act for a while now and have signed several forms for various professional bodies, but this is the first time that I actually paid attention to the content and the legal boundaries of the Act.  I found Advocate Frikkie Marais’s presentation very informative and helpful.”