Compliance doesn’t need to be a pain, I can be a gain to your business. Remember that compliance is an integral part of ethical businesses.

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Register a Pty Company
Annual Returns
Amendments Company or CC
Payment Plan Pty’s
Other Entities and CIPC Services

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Clearance, VAT and more
Accounting Services
Registration Services[/textbox]
[u_heading]Our services include[/u_heading]
COIDA Services (Compensation Fund)


COIDA Registration (Workmans Compensation) @ R1,350.00

Letter of Good standing @ R790.00


Close Corporations and Companies (CIPC Services)
Register a company   R 450.00
Request an outstanding Annual Return for Close Corporation / Companies (with CIPC)   Quote
Amend a CC / Company Details (Add / remove member(s) / Director(s) etc.   From R 590.00
Convert a Close Corporation (CC) into a Private Company Pty Ltd.   R 750.00
Restoree a de-registeered CC / Company   From R 1,295.00
Tax Registrations and Services (SARS)
Value Added Tax (VAT) Registration (Business) R1 650   R 1,650.00
Import / Export License R 1950   R 1,950.00
Apply for a tax clearance certificate R450   R 450.00
Compensation Fund/COIDA Services
Compensation Fund/COIDA Registration and letter of good standing   R1,390.00
Change Business Name with Compensation Fund   R 895.00
Apply to pay outstanding amount in 6 installments with Compensation Fund   R 895.00
Apply for a letter of Good standing – Compensation Fund   R 895.00
File Return of Earnings (ROE) with Compensation Fund on your behalf   R 450.00
UIF, PAYE and SDL Registration (SARS)   R 1,750.00